"Meru Dusk - Lesser Kudus"
Robert Bateman

"Meru Dusk - Lesser Kudus" by Robert Bateman

Limited Edition on Paper
Edition Size: 950 artist signed and numbered prints
Image Size: 17" x 11-3/8"
Issue Price: Canadian $200.00; approx. US $160.0

This portrait of two lesser kudus was taken from a real life experience. In 1988 while visiting Meru Park in Kenya, Bateman and his family came upon this exact scene. Kudus are usually very elusive and skittish animals. Their preferred habitat of thickets and acacia scrub makes getting close to them a rare occurrence. In this painting Bateman sought to recapture that moment when he first saw the kudus, including the soft browns and greys of the animals and the gentle slanting light that played over the whole scene.

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