"Snowy Nap - Tiger"
Robert Bateman

"Snowy Nap - Tiger" by Robert Bateman

Rigiclée© Edition
iclée on Archival Board - Acid Free Porcelain Coated Masonite
Edition Size: 225 signed and numbered prints
Image Size: 15" x 20"
Issue Price: Canadian $1,855.00; approx US $1,350.00

(A limited edition of 950 s/n of Snowy Nap - Tiger was previously published. Publisher sold out.)

Limited Edition on Paper:
Edition Size: 950 signed and numbered prints
Image Size: 13-1/4" x 17-3/4"
Publisher Sold Out
Current Value:
Canadian $2,200.00; approx US $1,600.00

"With the fall of the Soviet Empire, the realm of the mighty Siberian tiger is gravely threatened. The great old growth forests of eastern Siberian are being decimated to make quick cash for the collapsed Russian economy. Of course, entire ecosystems, including large animals like tigers and bears, are in jeopardy. This young fellow, of the largest tiger subspecies, altaica, found in eastern Siberia and Manchuria, appears unaware of the fate of his race. After romping around and rolling about, he has dropped onto the soft, white powder for a quick, snowy nap." - Robert Bateman

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