"Where Silence Speaks"
Bev Doolittle

"Where Silence Speaks" by Bev Doolittle

Livre De Lux
17 images
Accompanied by "Missed" Limited Edition On Paper
Edition size : 3,500 signed and numbered prints

Book Size : 17" x 13" x 3"
Print image size : 16-3/4" x 12-3/4"

Issue Price : $1,085.00 Canadian; U.S. $650.00
Issue date :  January 1986
Publisher Sold Out
Price Available Upon Reques

"Camouflaging the arrow was the key here. I purposely made the arrow difficult to see at first glance. You have to work a little to get the key to the puzzle. Once you see it, the story is waiting for you. For myself, I think the arrow was shot by a young boy. Most warriors would hunt bigger game. But I don't think we'll ever know for sure."

"Innumerable sketches go into the creation of a concept. Sometimes, I try out different approaches simply because I enjoy the fluid moves an animal will make. Here, the angle from which an attack has come governs the startled movement of the fox. The title of this painting - Missed - is the key to its story - a key that is hidden in plain sight." - Bev Doolittle 

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