"Spirit Of The Grizzly"
Bev Doolittle

"Spirit Of The Grizzly" by Bev Doolittle

Limited Edition On Paper
Edition size : 1,500 signed and numbered prints
Image size : 21" x 31-1/2"
Issue Price : $250.00 Canadian; U.S. $150.00
Issue date : September 1981
Publisher Sold Out
Price Available Upon Reques

"The Plains Indian had an intimate knowledge and deep respect for the animals that shared his environment. He especially coveted the courage, strength and hunting skills of animals like the eagle, wolf, and bear. By wearing the fur, feathers and claws of these great hunting animals he hoped to possess a part of their 'spirit'. I've illustrated a Blackfoot Indian, beside a cold mountain stream, who has truly wrapped himself in the 'Spirit of the Grizzly.'"

"Out of the mist rising
A young Indian comes riding,
Riding though bear country
Riding alone.
It is ealry spring, but there is snow on the gound
And a storm in the air.
The Indian wears a bearskin robe.
His name is Brave Bear.
Brave Bear has always tried to be like his name,
Strong, intelligent, brave.
He wishes that his guardian spirit could be
The grandfather of all bears,
The great grizzly.
Does Brave Bear
get his wish?"

- Bev Doolittle

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