"Walk Softly"
Bev Doolittle

"Walk Softly" by Bev Doolittle

Limited Edition On Paper
Accompanied by the "Sacred Circle Chapbook"
Edition size : 40,192 signed and numbered prints
Image size : 7-7/8" x 8-3/4"
Issue Price : $275.00 Canadian; U.S. $225.00
Issue date : April 1992
Publisher Sold Out
Price Available Upon Reques

"Sacred Circle Chapbook"
Edition size : 40,192 Chapbooks
A Greenwich Workshop Chapbook
Size : 10" x 10-5/8"

"My eyes fell on a plaster cast of a wolf track I had made in Alaska years ago. I took it and made a paper copy. The full-size track made a powerful graphic image on the six-inch square of paper. I saw at once that it had the strong design and simplicity I needed for the Chapbook print. A footprint is, after all, the first impression of a live animal on soft earth or snow. It also had the quality I look for when I decide what paint - a suggestion that what you see is only a small part of all that there is to be seen." - Bev Doolittle

"In the Sacred Circle painting, the wolf is the only animal that you do not actually see. In Walk Softly, the wolf returns in spirit to invite us to roam the wilderness without destroying it. Wolf tracks have always been magic to me. My idea is to bring that special feeling to life." - Bev Doolittle

Opening The Sacred Circle Chapbook is like opening the world of Sacred Circle itself. It is a fascinating story of nature, of Native Americans' belief in sacred circles, and of Bev Doolittle's adventures in exploring and researching the nine individual panels of her painting and print. Her inspiration continues with a new signed and numbered camouflage print, Walk Softly, available only within The Sacred Circle Chapbook. Symbolizing all that is hidden in nature, Walk Softly complements Sacred Circle.
Whether you keep Walk Softly in its archival-quality protective sleeve within the Chapbook, or frame it separately, this new camouflage print enhances and completes your Sacred Circle collection.

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