"Winter Deer - White Pines"
George McLean


"Winter Deer - White Pines" by George McLean

Regular Edition:
Limited Edition on Paper
Edition Size: 450 artist signed and numbered prints
Image Size: 17" x 29"
Issue Price: Canadian $350.00; US $300.00
Publisher Sold Out
Price Available Upon Request

Remarque Edition:
Limited Edition on Paper with a remarque, an original pencil drawing, added by the artist in the bottom margin of the print.
Edition Size: 50 artist signed, remarqued and numbered prints
Image Size:
17" x 29"
Issue Price: Canadian $750.00; US $600.00
Publisher Sold Out
We have a complete collection of the four Master Editions George McLean Remarque Editions available, to be sold as a set, for the original issue price of Canadian $2,975.00; US $2,375.00.
The set includes: Bobcat - Bluejays, A Narrow Escape - Great Horned Owl and Squirrel, Nesting - Great Horned Owl, and Winter Deer - White Pines.

"From my perspective, the best way to experience winter is through a painting. I mean winter is an impediment to travel and can virtually isolate an entire community for days at a stretch. Howver, in these times I am reminded of Tennesee Williams' remark" "that an artist should live, not only where he can work but where he must work." Grey County, Ontario, is beautiful, perfect to paint but receives far more snow than it needs and leaves me no choice but to work. Everyday, blizzard or not, I strap on my snowshoes and I trudge across the fields and through th ewoods, getting my daily excercise and experiencing the landscape which I paint. I know this country well and have seen most of its animals, as well as all its light and weather conditions. If my pictures have veracity, that is the reason.

Wineter can be unkind to th edeer herds when the snow lies deep on their trails and food is scarce. The deer, in my painting, stand on the edge of a white pine plantation with an ancient pine in th eforeground. Loggers have long since ravished the big timber in southern Ontario, leaving only the big trees without adequate logs. Such is the case with the pine in my painting and it is this huge tree that gives the landscape the character I had in mind. This is the first heavy snowfall and has hanged autumn's face as if by magic... a deceptively gentle introduction to winter." - George McLean

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