"The Predator Portfolio"
Robert Bateman

Black Bear Portrait

Black Bear Foraging Black Bear Cubs in Tree

Cougar in Tree

Cougar Portrait Young Cougar

Grizzly Mother and Cubs

Grizzly Bear Portrait Grizzly Foraging

Polar Bear Challenge

Polar Bear Portrait Polar Bear Swimming

Wolf and Cubs

Wolf Portrait Wolf Pack and Bull Moose

Wolverine Portrait
Wolverine with Fox

"The Predator Portfolio" by Robert Bateman

17 Print Set
Original Lithographs on Paper
Edition Size: 950 artist signed and numbered prints
Image Size: 7-7/8" x
Issue Price: Canadian $3,970.00; approx. US $3,176.00
Publisher Sold Out
Price Available Upon Reques

All individual sets, except the Cougar Predator Portfolio, are available.

Robert Bateman’s Predator Portfolio is an unprecedented series of limited edition art which celebrates North America’s few remaining large predatorial mammals - cougars, wolves, grizzlies, polar bears, black bears, wolverines - species which are rapidly disappearing from existence. The Predator Portfolio includes six separate editions of only 950 s/n prints, one for each species of predator.  Five of the six editions in the Portfolio include three unparalleled hand-colored art prints of each predator.  The Wolverine Series includes two hand-colored prints. Bateman’s Predator Portfolio was published from original drawings illustrating Wild Hunters: Predators in Peril, a book published by World Wildlife Fund Canada.

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